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All times are Mountain Standard.  Times with open spaces feature presentations on a rotating basis of Drs. Bernard, Greger, Edelstein, Blaylock, Furman, Diehl, Omish, Rozien and many others.

12:00 AM                                                 1:00 PM

  1:00AM                                                  2:00 PM  Dr. Marcum:Heart of Health    

  2:00 AM  Dr. Marcum:Heart of Health     3:00 PM  Mormon Tabernacle                   

  3:00 AM  Mormon Tabernacle                3:30 PM

  4:00 AM                                                  4:00 PM

  5:00 AM                                                  5:00 PM Making the Best Food

  6:30 AM  Dr. Marcum:Heart of Health      6:30 PM  Dr. Marcum:Heart of Health

  7:30 AM  Mormon Tabernacle                 7:30 PM  Mormon Tabernacle

  8:00 AM  Keeping your heart healthy      8:00 PM  Lifestyle Magazine

  9:30 AM  Dr. Marcum:Heart of Health       8:30 PM

 10:30 AM Mormon Tabernacle                  9:00 PM

 11:00 AM Dr. John McDougall                   10:00 PM Mormon Tabernacle

 12:00 PM Dr. Neil Nedley                          10:30 PM Dr. John McDougall

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