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Because Depression has become so common in Internal Medicine practices, Dr. Neil Medley has spent considerable time researching causes as well as treatment.  You can see his presentations daily at noon.

In the Mad About Marriage programs Mike and Gayle  Tucker examine some of the issues that can derail your health.  You can watch this program Monday thru Thursday at 8 PM.

We have more than 100 half hour programs from The Mormon Tabernacle  which are broadcast on a rotating basis six times a day.

Dr. John McDougall, board certified Internist has devoted his life to healing the cause of disease through dietary change.  His lectures are presented at 8 AM and 10:30 PM daily.

THere are some of our regular scheduled programs.

 Dr. James Marcum presents Heart of Health a pre-recorded call-in program at 2,6:30,9:30 AM and 2, 6:30 pm every day. .

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